Tiffany's Show is the oldest and the most famous cabaret show in Pattaya. Get informed why Tiffany Cabaret has become the most famous cabaret show in Pattaya.

Tiffany Show

Most famous cabaret show in Pattaya, Tiffany Show is the first true transvestite (all men) cabaret show in South East Asia. Having 28 years of stage experiences, the show has been enjoyed by millions of international visitors from every part of the world. Dazzling, talented and beautiful Tiffany's performers have earned appreciation from all and sundry who have visited the show.

Cabaret Extravaganza
For years, Tiffany Show has been a recommended cabaret show in Pattaya. It has been a factor in bringing international fame to Pattaya. This spectacular show is pure elegance and enjoyment. The show is fun and a very classy event. It is an interesting cabaret extravaganza made of musical song and dance numbers. For a great night out, this is the show to watch.

Spectacular Costumes
Tiffany's Show, one of the most popular cabaret shows in South East Asia, is getting better with every passing year. The performers wear spectacular costumes on elaborate stage sets. Their fun-filled performances and lively routines make the show-watchers very happy. They pass a very entertaining night.

Transvestite (All Men) Show
Some would wonder after watching the show whether the performers were really all men. But you should be assured about their being men. It is their costume and performance which makes you unable to take them as men. They are expert in their performance and if anyone doesn't know about their true identity, he would take them as girls.

Popular Among All
One peculiar fact about Tiffany's Show is it that it is equally popular with the international tourists and the locals. It is something Westerners are not used to seeing in their home country. It is a new thing for them and they enjoy the experience very much. The locals like it because the music and dances are based on Thai traditions and they can associate themselves with these. Gaining the support of both the locals and the global tourists, Tiffany's Show has only gained in popularity.

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