Learn here about evolution of Pattaya as a tourist centre. This brief history or story of Pattaya tells how a little fishing village evolved as the largest resort in Thailand.

History of Pattaya

Story of Pattaya is heartening. The way a little fishing village became the largest tourist resort in the country has astonished many. Here we discuss the history of Pattaya's evolution.

US Soldiers' Relaxation Centre
Pattaya, originally called Pad Tha Ya, was a tiny fishing hamlet until the late 1950's. It became a municipality in 1964. It was only in 1959 when Pattaya became expanding as a tourist resort. American troops participating in Vietnam War used Pattaya as their relaxation centre. Thanks to continuous visits by US soldiers, accommodation, shops, bars and services grew constantly in Pattaya.

Destination for Affluent
Thai Gradually, affluent Thais from all part of the country, specially Bangkok, started visiting Pattaya. Many of them rented or bought small bungalows and beach huts in the region. Now Pattaya evolved as the holiday destination for both Thais and foreigners. Recognizing this, the Thai Government granted city status to Pattaya in 1978.

Influx from Western and Arab Countries
With time, Pattaya grew in popularity all over the world. In the decades of 1980 and 1990, large number of tourists arrived from Europe. Arabs were also not behind. They too started pouring in Pattaya. Their number kept on increasing.

Pattaya, Biggest Thai Resort
Now Pattaya had become the largest resort in Thailand, receiving several million visitors every year. Catering to the growing demand, tourism industry has also evolved in Pattaya. All tourism supplement industries like accommodation, dining, activity support and training have evolved. Pattaya of today is called the party city of Thailand.

Proximity to Bangkok
Government of Thailand has taken concrete steps to ensure excellent transport between Bangkok and Pattaya. A high standard road connects both the towns, 147km away from each other. This means that two hours drive can take one from Bangkok to Pattaya. Policies of the Government have been designed to support the tourism economy of Pattaya.

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