Economy of Pattaya is mainly based on tourism and health care sectors. Learn here about the economic system of Pattaya.

Economy of Pattaya

Pattaya has rapidly evolved from a fishing village to a tourism hub. Economy of the town has also changed with this. Economy, which was some decades before based on fishing and agriculture, has developed sectors like tourism, shopping, property and health care. One can say that economic system of Pattaya has drastically changed.

Tourism is the backbone of Pattaya economy. Most residents of Pattaya are dependent in one way or the other on tourism industry. There are hotels, restaurants, roadside stalls and several other places catering to the needs of the tourists. People associate with these industries earn their livelihood from the money tourists spend in Pattaya. Approximate 40,000 hotel rooms are available in Pattaya and this demonstrates how much accommodation industry has expanded in the place.

Most shops in Pattaya cater to the demands of international tourists. Few tourists in Pattaya return without expending few bucks. Huge influx of tourists means that even small spending per tourist could translate into big earning for the shopkeepers. There are also supermarkets selling almost everything. Pattaya also has several shopping malls most well-known among which are Mike, Royal Garden Plaza and the Avenue. Several night markets are also held in different parts of the town. Thus shopping has become a major means of earning for Pattaya people and an integral part of Pattaya economy.

Thanks to booming economy of Pattaya, property has become productive business. Big names related to property have invested in Pattaya and many new residential and commercial complexes have come up. Property rates have skyrocketed in Pattaya. Several areas of Pattaya which were living laid-back life have also seen boom in property business.

Health Care
A good number of people in Pattaya have got employment in healthcare. Thanks to growing number of well-equipped hospitals, Pattaya has become increasingly popular has health tourism centre. Many people from Western countries arrive here for treatment because it is less costly to them compared to there home countries. Health care industry has considerable stake now in economy of Pattaya.

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