Continuous influx of international tourists in Pattaya means that variety of food is available here. Here is full information on cuisine in Pattaya and restaurants.

Food in Pattaya

Catering to the large inflow of tourists, restaurants and eating points abound in Pattaya. Most of these centres respond to the Western palate. Although Thai food is also plentifully available in Pattaya, it is not that authentic and a bit twisted to suit the Western taste. More or less, Pattaya offers dining options for the tourists of various backgrounds.

Kaeng are liquid dishes that could be soups, curries or stews that complement rice. This Thai cuisine soup is quite popular. Another popular dish is Tom Yam Kung. Spiced with lemon grass, it uses one kind of meat or seafood in broth. Kaeng Kari is mild yellow sauce. Kaeng Phed is a hot red sauce. Kaeng Kao Wan is a hot green sauce. Nam Prik are dishes of raw or cooked vegetables, eggs, fish, or meat served with rice and a sauce. Yam is a type of salad adding a unique flavour to food. Z

Street Vendors
For inexpensive but tasty food, you can go to the street vendors. Although most of them operate under cramped places, they are careful to the hygienic requirements. They offer items like kebabs, fried chicken, grilled chicken and similar traditional non-vegetarian dishes.

One can avail plenty of options in Thailand restaurants. Food of Thailand has a worldwide fashion-food appea, and in Pattaya there are huge array of vendors and restaurants which allow you to taste every cuisine the country has to offer. Plentiful international restaurants reflect the popularity of Pattaya in the global tourism sector. These restaurants serve food which caters to all kinds of tastes.

What to Eat
One has plenty of choice in Pattaya. French, Japanese, Italian, German, Scandinavian, and Korean food is available at almost all the places in Pattaya. So many restaurants offer Thai food too. Several curry houses, steak places and hamburger joints are also located in Pattaya. Few points serve a host of deep-fried delights and European tourists, particularly from UK, would like these places. Almost all guest houses and hotels have their own restaurants. Coffee Houses also abound in Pattaya which offer coffee of every flavour.

Pattaya is located at the seacoast and seafood comes naturally to it. Seafood of Pattaya is known for its variety and savoury taste. Long coastline of the country provides fresh supplies of fish, prawns, crabs, oysters and shellfish. Thai restaurants offer mouthwatering seafood. Freshness is the base of the taste. It means that the food is always palatable.

Various ingredients come together to make Thai soups, from pumpkins and mushrooms to shrimp and catfish, or any type of meat. Coconut milk is usually used to flavor the soup, while some base it on fish or meat. Most famous soup in Thailand and Pattaya in particular is Tom yum gun. Chili, lemon grass and fresh lime juice come together in the soup to make pungent taste.

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