Here is information about currency, exchange of money, travellers' cheques, credit cards, ATMs, refunds and restrictions over money in Thailand.

Currency of Thailand

Entering a country without prior knowledge of money matters is like going for a battle without weapons. Necessary information regarding transaction of money in Thailand is given below. It would come very handy for one when on tour of the country.

Currency Unit
Currency of Thailand is Baht which consists of 100 Satangs. Coins are minted in five denominations: 25 satang, 50 satang, 1 baht, 5 baht and 10 baht. Currency notes are in denominations of 1,000 (brown), 500 (purple), 100 (red), 50 (blue), 20 (green) and 10 (brown) baht.

Exchange of Money
Money can be exchanged for Thailand currency at the international airports on arrival. Banks and exchange bureaus are located in international airports. Pound Sterling, Euros, US dollars and other currencies can be promptly exchanged for Thailand currency. US dollars and Euros are widely accepted. Authorised money changers and banks offer better exchange rate than shopping centers and hotels.

Travellers' Cheques
Taking in travellers' cheques is a good idea. You must keep the receipt in a safe place so if the cheques are stolen, you could quickly replace them. One gets a better rate of exchange for travellers' cheques than cash. Duty is charged per cheque, rather than a percentage of the total amount. It would be advisable to carry the cheques of larger denominations. You can encash the cheques at banks, major shopping centers and with money changers. Passport is needed to encash travellers' cheques at banks.

ATM Facility
ATMs are available in all major towns and resorts. Visa sign indicates the ATM is international. A charge would be levied on withdrawal as well as an exchange fee. ATM transfers usually incur a small home bank fee and may be your best bet to get Thai money. However, double check fees and exchange rates as policies vary considerably from bank to bank. Some Thai ATMs only take a 4 digit PIN and you should change yours to 4 digits.

Credit Cards
Major credit cards are welcome though the shopkeepers might charge some extra as the transaction cost.

Foreign visitors in Thailand are entitled to refund of the 7% V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) on products purchased at registered retail outlets. You could get the refund at the airport at your departure.

Foreign currency a tourist is carrying out of the country must not be more than the amount declared on arrival. No limit has been imposed on amount of foreign currency brought into the country.

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