Getting informed about communications of a place before you visit it is always useful. Know about mobile phones, television and newspapers in Pattaya.

Communications in Pattaya

Communications in Pattaya is efficient, and yet, not expensive. Media has penetrated to every nook and corner of Pattaya and it would keep you aware what is happening in other parts of the world. All modes of communications such as mobile phones, television, radio, newspapers, and internet can be availed in Pattaya.

Mobile Phones
Several mobile phone providers offer services in Pattaya, each with a range of products for the customers. These products and services are available through shops and department stores. However, you can also purchase them directly from the manufacturer. It could help you save costs. ISD code for Pattaya beach is 38.

All telephone numbers in Thailand are 9-digit for landlines and 10-digit for mobile phones. Mobile phones in Thailand follow GSM technology. It your phone is in GSM network, it would work fine in Thailand. Otherwise you would have to purchase a new one. Bring over a sim card and check the sim card fits before you buy. You can also rent mobiles. Thai phones usually come with thai language so you need to make sure you can use roman script too.

Television is a popular medium in Thailand and upto 80% of Thais rely on television for their daily news. Thailand's six terrestrial TV stations are based in Bangkok and are relayed to all parts of the country. Thailand has Cable and satellite broadcasting providers too, largest of which is the True Visions UBC. Almost all hotels in Pattaya provide coloured television equipped with cable broadcasting in their rooms.

Thailand has several broadcasting stations. Most of these stations are operated by government agencies while some are leased out to private players. Thanks to FM channels, popularity of radio is again rising in Thailand.

People of Pattaya can choose from a number of newspapers, both Thai and English. Most newspapers are published in Capital Bangkok and distributed all over the country, including Pattaya. Prominent native language dailies of Thailand are Thai Rath, Daily News and Thai Post. Major English dailies are Bangkok Post, The Nation and International Herald Tribune.

Internet medium is popular in educated Thais. It is scrutinized by the government and sites considered offensive are blocked. One can use post offices and cyber cafes to access the internet in Pattaya.

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