Slew of questions about Pattaya would be coming to your mind. Our general tips and advice for Pattaya would help you in finding solutions.

General Tips for Pattaya

Barrage of queries would be hitting your mind when you are on planning to visit Pattaya. Questions like safety and traffic precautions there, clothing, electricity, television, car rentals, business hours etc. Out tips would assist you in finding the solutions.

ISD Code
ISD code for Pattaya is 38. All mobile phones in Pattaya are ten digit while telephone numbers are nine digit.

Thailand is a dependable country when it comes to safety. However you should be careful against reckless driving, fake gem scams, unhygienic food and sexually transmitted diseases. For real gems you should visit nearby Chantaburi. As for the sex related diseases you could control these with your sensible behaviour.

Traffic in Thailand follows British ways. Vehicle moves on left side. However, drivers in Thailand are in habit of rash and careless driving. They could appear from nowhere and blast their vehicle on yours. You better leave the driving task to a seasoned Thai driver rather than driving your vehicle yourself. Footpaths in Pattaya are not pedestrian friendly. Prefer back-or-chest-mounted baby carriers instead of strollers.

Business Hours
Most shops and stores are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Government offices and commercial concerns operate on a five-day week. Offices are usually open from 8:30 to 5:00 with a half to one hour lunch break. On public holidays, shops, stores and offices are closed. For list of public holidays, please check our related page.

Unhygienic Food
Many tourists in Thailand and Pattaya fell ill because of consuming unhygienic food. You could avoid it by just being careful where you are eating. Don't eat anything that hasn't been boiled or fried. Drink sealed, bottled water. Avoid purchasing ice in open. It is better to buy ice that is manufactured in factory. Refuse eatables or drinks offered by strangers or taxi drivers. Wash your children's hands frequently. This would help them escape from stomach bugs.

Tour Agency
Never accept tours offered by strangers. Always avail of the services of a registered travel agency. If any person meets you claiming to be the representative of a travel agency, check with the agency before you hand him any money or check.

In hot and humid weather, light, loose cotton clothing should be preferred. Better avoid nylon. Sweaters would be needed during cool season, evenings or if touring mountainous areas and remote national parks. Few restaurants and nightclubs follow dress codes. When coming out in the open sun, use sun blocks, hats and glasses.

Electric current is 220 Volt AC (50 cycles) allover the country. Several plugs and sockets are used. Tourists with shavers, tape recorders and other appliances should carry a plug-adapter kit.

Television and Video
The television system in Thailand is PAL as are the videos. If you purchase a video you won't be able to play it on NTSC systems in America or Japan.

Stray Animals
Don't let your children approach dogs, monkeys or other animals, for they are not as friendly as the Thais.

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