These food tips for Pattaya would come handy when you are on your tour of Pattaya. This advice or suggestions would tell you how you could make the most when it comes to food in Pattaya.

Food Tips for Pattaya

The Thais are very casual when it comes to eating meals and drinking. Generally follow the commoners but do whatever you are comfortable to do with. Go through these food tips before you finalise your plan for visiting Pattaya.

You are not expected to tip at a Thai restaurant. However, rounding-up the bill or leaving 20 bahts on top of most cheques is acceptable. A 15% to 20% tip would create shock and awe. You should also keep in mind that tipping is not the norm outside Bangkok and Pattaya.

Family Meals
Most family meals consist of a meat or a fish dish, fried or steamed vegetables, a curry, stir-fried dishes of meat and vegetables and a soup. Eating a Thai family dish is a unique experience which you would relish if you have it with your tour party. Hot chili peppers are used in Thai dishes with sophistication.

Flavoring Agents
Herbs like lemon grass and coriander leaves are liberally used in Thai dishes. Popular Thai cuisine flavoring agents include Nam Pla (fish sauce), Kapi (shrimp paste), Java root, and chilies.

Eating Habits
Thais eat food slowly and dining is a long and boisterous affair. They believe in enjoying their food and eating fast is not their thing.

Drink flows freely in Thailand. Local beer, as well as rice whiskey, accompanies most meals. However, all drinks are not alchoholic. One of the favorite drinks in Thailand is the melon ice drink. Some other popular popular drinks are iced coffee with rice balls, iced condensed milk, ice drink, lemon soda, citrus banana punch, mango syrup, creamed coconut, coconut juice, yoghurt soda and tamarind drink.

Table Manners
Thais are casual on table. If something is best eaten with hands, eat so. If you have to spit out seeds or bones, don't hesitate to do so.

Noodle Soups
Noodle soups are usually eaten with chopsticks and a Chinese spoon.

Rice Dishes
Rice dishes are eaten with a spoon and a fork. The spoon is held in one hand, and the fork in the other. The fork is used only to load the spoon for delivery. Thai meals are centred on rice as other tropical places in Asia. Mee Krob is a classic celebration dish of rice noodles in a sweetened pork and crustacean sauce.

Authentic Thai
Thai food is a renowned style of cuisine. When in Thailand, go for authentic Thai food rather than munching those very Western dishes. Thai food is among the top cuisines of the world and you should not miss it.

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