Here is information about getting around in Pattaya. Various modes of transport are discussed here like taxis, cars, songthaews, buses and bikes, which help you move around in Pattaya.

Getting Around in Pattaya

One can pick up from plenty of options for moving around Pattaya. One can hire taxis, jeeps or cars, take songthaews, board buses or ride motorbikes. With so many options around you need not bother about traveling around in Pattaya.

Hiring Jeeps and Cars
In Pattaya, one can also hire jeeps and cars. The tourists can search around, for different companies offer different prices and conditions. It would be advisable to rent from a reputable company such as Avis or Budget. However, you should keep in mind that most operates in Pattaya do not offer new vehicles. In case you hire a care, it would be better that you hire a driver too for driving on busy Pattaya roads could be frustrating for persons who are not used to it.

This is a vehicle with a hard canopy top and one bench seat either side. Usually the vehicle moves on pre-settled routes, but for good price, they would take one anywhere in Pattaya. Common people in Pattaya also use songthaews for moving around. Fares are written at the back of every taxi. These vehicles continually ply the Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya 2 Road in counter clockwise circuits.

One can hire air-conditioned taxis in Pattaya at will. However, one should not expect a new car. There are few metered taxis in Pattaya and one has to bargain with the driver to settle on an amount. Several taxi firms advertise standard tariffs. Most of the drivers can talk a bit in English and they could tell you a lot about local attractions and facilities. In fact, taxis are so cheap in Pattaya that one rarely bothers about songthaews and buses.

Motorbike Taxis
Motorbike-taxis are the best option it one wants to reach somewhere quickly or conveniently. One can find motorbike taxis in every street of Pattaya, no matter how small it is. These are in service 24 hours a day and offer convenience. However, you should keep in mind that these motorbikers drive very fast and it could be dangerous sometimes. Low cost and fast journey attract the motorists to these bikes.

Buses operate through three routes around the town as well as up to Jomtein and Sukhumvit Road. However, the buses are not regular and you can find taxis more often. Route of the buses is more or less similar to taxis. One can obtain information about bus routes from any travel agency or your hotel.

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