Pattaya is a worldwide destination for water sports. Know about water games in Pattaya like diving, swimming, fishing, sailing, water skiing and parasailing.

Water Sports in Pattaya

Array of water sports can be enjoyed in Pattaya such as windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling, sailing, parasailing and gamefishing. All equipment and expertise required is available at the waterfront.

Diving in Pattaya suits the beginners. The sport would be around Ko Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. Divers who are expert in their trade can go to islands like Ko Man Wichai and Ko Rin. Water of these islands has good visibility. A water temperature of around 28C every time a year makes Pattaya a darling of both diving experts and beginners.

Several diving courses are also available in Pattaya. These courses range from one to four days. Experienced divers can enjoy themselves as boat diver, drift diver, underwater naturalist, underwater videographer, and also nitrox diving.

Visitors and locals, both love to swim in Pattaya. While tourists go in swimming suits, Thais jump in the sea fully clothed. Swimming in Pattaya Sea is a pleasant experience and when the temperature is more, it could be a good cooling factor.

Pattaya is very popular as a fishing destination. November is the best time in year for the activity. Freshwater fishing in Pattaya is a rewarding experience. Local lakes and ponds are brimming with several species. When in ocean one can sail for fish for sail fish, queen fish, barracuda, marlin, cobia, shark, and sting rays.

Several national and international sailing events are held in Pattaya. One can easily hire smaller boats. It is a fun to sail over to Koh Larn or one of the smaller islands at morning, have picnic there for the whole day, and return in evening. For sailing, one can hire yachts or small dinghies. All English directories published in Pattaya mention the yacht clubs in Jomtein.

Water Skiing
Fresh water skiing can be enjoyed in Pattaya. It is a popular sport on Jomtein Beach and some parts of Pattaya Beach. Several companies not only offer water skiing but also impart training and provide necessary equipments.

Parasailing in Pattaya Bay gives one unforgettable memories. The parasailors take the boats from the Bali Hi Pier. The boats take the sailors to the pontoons. Parasailing can't be enjoyed on windy days.

Beach Activities
Several fun-filled beach activities can also be enjoyed in Pattaya. These are banana boat rides, jet skiing, beach football and more. Beach football in particular is very popular among the tourists visiting the beach. Playing on the cold sands of the beach in evening is an experience one remembers with pleasure.

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