Your travel health insurance would cover all medical expenses when you are in Pattaya. Here is information regarding objective of travel health insurance, policy selection and health cards.

Health Insurance for Pattaya

Get Travel Health Insurance before you pack your bags for Pattaya. Objective of a travel health insurance is your financial protection in case you have to face an unexpected sickness or injury when you are out of your country. If you lose your health or get injured, the policy would cover all your expenses regarding medication and treatment.

Policy Selection
Several financial institutions come up with their travel insurance plans. Select any of these plans only after thoroughly considering their features. Look
  • whether the insurance policy is emergency based or general.
  • whether the post hospitalization health expenses would be covered
  • whether the policy provides for outpatient treatment
  • whether you pay a percentage of the expense.
  • whether the policy can be extended
  • whether 'Return to Home Country' coverage is provided.
Health Cards
Some health cards have travel insurance features. However these are very limited in nature. It is better to select a health card which is inclusive in nature.