Get informed about language of Thailand and versions of Thai language. Inherent polite and very simple grammatically, Thai language can be learned with ease.

Language of Thailand

Thai language reflects the positive attitude of general Thais. A simple and tonal language, it can be learned easily. Knowledge of Thai language always helps because it greatly enhances the conversational ability of one when in Thailand. Not many people in Thailand speak English and your knowledge of Thai would come handy on several occasions.

Versions of Thai
Several versions of Thai language are spoken in Thailand. The dialect spoken in Bangkok and nearby areas is called Central Thai. Three other main Tai languages spoken in Thailand are Southern Thai, Northern Thai, and Laotian. Local varieties of these languages are also in vague. Various Thai dialects differ from one another mainly by vocabulary.

Central Thai Version
General people of Thailand use local language at home but in office they use Central Thai. This is the language of government and business. Central Thai is the language which is taught in schools.

Emphasis on Politeness
Thai language is inherently polite reflecting mutual respect. Conversations in Thailand are always pleasant. People avoid controversial subjects and never speak sarcastically or abusively. The language is always spoken softly.

Simplicity is a characteristic of Thai grammar. Words are not modified or conjugated for tenses, plurals, genders, or subject-verb agreement. Concept of articles is absent in Thai language. Tenses, levels of politeness, verb-to-noun conversion, and other language tasks are done with the simple addition of various modifying words.

Tonal Language
Thai is a tonal language and you have to pronounce every word with proper tone to be understood. One has to remember both the phonetic pronunciation and tone of every word. One would need time to learn the tones of Thai words.

Appreciation for Thai Learners
Most Thais in tourist areas can speak basic English. However they admire and appreciate efforts of those tourists who have taken the trouble to learn even a few basic greetings. A tourist speaking only a bit of Thai language would always be welcome.

Thai, language of around 80% of population in Thailand originated in the area which is now the border between Vietnam and China. Linguistically, the language links to languages spoken in eastern Burma (Myanmar), northern Vietnam, Yunnan, and Laos. Written Thai Language was introduced by Ramkamhaeng, the third Sukothai period king, in 1283. The writing pattern has undergone little change since its introduction, so inscriptions from the Sukothai era can be read by modern Thai readers. Thai writing is based on Pali, Sanskrit, and Indian concepts.

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